You may have many accounts with one Provider and some of them may not be active.  You can disable accounts that are no longer active.  This is especially useful if you want to keep the documents for historical purposes but don’t expect to get any new documents downloaded for an account. 

You can also hide an account that you don’t need to see all the time.  It is important to note that an Account cannot be hidden if it is the only account for a provider. 

 Here are the steps for disabling and/or hiding an account:

  • Click on the Accounts Page
  • Select the Provider for which you want to disable an account from the list of Providers on the left 
  • Click on the menu gear icon in the top-right corner of the account
  • Select Manage Accounts
  • Check the  Disable and/or Hide 
  • Click Save

Disabled accounts will not be refreshed but all downloaded statements and data will be retained.

Hidden accounts will not display.